La Familia Sagrada

la sagrada familia FacadeCan’t go to Barcelona without visiting La Familia Sagrada, which you line up forever to see. But it totally pays off; it is the most beautiful church I have ever seen and everything about it is amazing. Gaudi swag~

la sagrada familia Window

windows ~ light ~ architecture

la sagrada familia AltarEverything done with intricate detail
la sagrada familia Ceiling
la sagrada familiaPictures of the magnificent ceiling <3
la sagrada familia Ceiling

la sagrada familia Ceilingand the huge organ.

la sagrada familia OrganThe picture everybody is trying to get: the spiral staircase on the way down.
Patience was required because people are constantly getting down the stairs (duh!) holding onto the rail or photobombing the picture… I took my time in order to get the perfect shots.

Barcelona City

Of course we paid extra in order to climb up the church and see the facade close up.
Also the amazing view of the city! I recommend visiting this place, it definitely is worth the money and wait.

Also: turtle under a pillar!



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