Park Güell by Antoni Gaudi

Park Guell GaudiWelcome to my third installation of our Barcelona trip. Today’s entry is all about Antoni Gaudi’s Parc Güell.
Possibly the happiest place to go sightseeing in Barcelona, because it is if course outdoors, has an abundance of colourful mosaics and is surrounded by a lot of botany. Unlike a lot architecture in Europe (which can be quite pretentious and cold), Gaudi’s work is amazing, fun and welcoming. And that without taking itself too seriously!
I recommend this place to everybody.

Let’s have a look:

Park Guell Mosaic LogoDecoration outside on the wall surrounding Parc Güell.

As you can see, we had really beautiful and hot weather <3 Like with every tourist attraction in Barcelona, it is best to order your tickets online to avoid ridiculous waiting times 0__o In order to get to the park, you have to climb up a rather steep street. Thankfully there are also escalators that make ascending the hill a bit easier (especially in the heat). In the park itself you have a nice view over the buildings.

Park Guell Palm TreesPalm trees, mosaic and plenty of people with cameras. There are always a lot of people in Parc Güell, so it is rather challenging getting a clear shot of the artwork.

Park Guell MosaicBut here you go. With a bit of patience and luck I could get these snapshots.

Park Guell MosaicA few more detailed shots of the mosaic:

Park Guell Mosaic

Apart from all the mosaic there is obviously different architecture to see as well.
Pillars and Columns and Nature, oh my! ~

We are nearing the exit of the park, where most people are hanging out.
There is a souvenir shop, a Gaudi museum and a lot of space to sit down and relax.

Park GuellBut of course, what would a visit to Park Güell be without visiting “el drac”, the dragon (but seriously, it should be called “the lizard”, by the looks of it…) Never managed to get a clear shot of it, because people are constantly swarming around it, touching it and posing for photos. But hey, he’s  a celebrity and the main attraction after all.Salamander2Water drooling lizard action~Park Guell SalamanderView of the Museum, gift shop and the city beyond:

Park Guell EntrancePark Guell Entrance Closeup!Park Guell Entrance Building

houseHope you enjoyed today’s photo trip! This is definitely a place you have to check out and spend plenty of time in when visiting Barcelona; you’ll love it! Trust. For a closing statement have selected Parc Güell graffiti for inspiration. Stay deep!

All you need is DynamiteNext time we’ll visit La Familia Sagrida. Look forward to it! :)

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