Rocky Leon & The Band Member

Rocky Leon Bandmember

Good-times jump-around rock, reggae, hip-hop and ska. light-hearted, soulful music to celebrate life. Perfect description from the austrian/brazilian artist’s homepage.

Rather spontaneously we went to a gig last weekend and we had a really good time. In this little club we watched Rocky Leon & band member (actual name: Fabian). I confess not having heard his music before, but I really liked what I read online about it. They didn’t disappoint. Rocky Leon brings an abundance of positive energy and fun reggae tunes which he loops himself using his feet! And all with a wide smile on his face ;) Scroll down for videos!

I didn’t have my camera with me, so bear with my mobile phone camera in a dimly lit room:

Rocky Leon Bandmember 1

We were quite lucky standing right next to the stage. I enjoyed it so much I ended up making a lot of pictures and videos with my phone. The entire set was enjoyable, they even played a few covers, with a fresh new twist :)

Rocky Leon 2Rocky Leon Bandmember 2 Rocky Leon Bandmember 4


Watch him building and looping  a song from scratch here:

Livin’ La Vida Loca Cover:

Without Me (Eminem) Cover:

View more videos I made here:

The whole set was amazing and the crowd never stopped dancing :) Good work out. I recommend catching them live because they put up a very fun show. Amazing energy. I would definitely see them again.

Looping sounds:Loop Board

First part of the setlist on the floor:
You can find Rocky Leon’s webpage here:

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