Barcelona – Part Dos

Welcome to the second part of our Barcelona photo tour :) This time featuring random images of random things I still wanted to share. Next time we’ll go sightseeing ;)

First we have els Encants Vells flea market which is open on weekends. Overflowing with people shopping for junk, antiques and clutter, the atmosphere got quite claustrophobic. We stayed upstairs for a few photos, avoiding the craziness on the lower level.


And here is a nice picture I took of the mirrored ceiling. Quite trippy:

Market MirrorAnyways, Leaving the flea market and making our way to the city center, here are a few nice pictures of graffiti, stickers and posters along the way:

Sticker doorThis Graffiti looks like social commentary, I wish I could read the first part to translate it:

Verdad Graffiti

Barcelona is nice and everything, but the big downside for us personally was the food :P Probably because Paella proved not to be our thing and most other dishes we tried weren’t tasting as good as we wanted them to. Food is quite pricy as well… we ended up eating more fast food than we were comfortable with. Here are a few pictures of some suspicious  foodage we came across:

Yes, indeed the FACE of a FISH basking in the afternoon sunlight in a display of a fish shop. It was frikkin’ huge as well, the photo does not do it justice! It was hard making a picture of it because I had to avoid standing in the sunlight.

disgusting food
A photograph of some menu proudly advertising… food, is it?. Besides a lot of disgusting ingredients they also include cuttlefish ink. CUTTLEFISH INK! A lot of it as well!! What the actual fuck??!?

Ceasar Salad
This Ceasar Salad cost me 7.50 euros. SEVEN EUROS AND FIFTY CENT for being put on a diet by a quite unfriendly waiter. Look how big the plate is as well! THE AUDACITY!!! D:<
I was very disappointed to say the least. Yeah, our restaurant experiences were far from amazing, unfortunately :(

Don’t end a blog entry on a sour note. Here is the mirrored facade of the mare magnum shopping mall at the bay.
can you see us in the reflection?

Mare Magnum Shopping Mall
Here we are! :DMare Magnum
Look forward to next time, when  we will visit Park Güell :)
Take care!

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