Barcelona – Part Uno

Fight To Barcelona

Flight to Barcelona

I finally got around editing all the Photography from last year’s vacation in Barcelona (as usual, there are A LOT), so here are my obligatory blog posts filled with catalonian goodness :)

This was my second time in Barcelona. My first time was in November 07 and was just a quick getaway. This time around we stayed in this beautiful city for 1 week in July for a proper vacation. We mostly had really nice weather, apart from the very first day and the very last day was even worse (rain, rain, rain).

It is nice to live in a city that is close to the Ocean, beautiful architecture, palm trees and artwork everywhere. It’s so beautiful, I think I *could* live there. ^___^ (pero no hablo español)

Barcelona BayGoing all the way down the Rambla, you eventually reach the beautiful bay.
Also, these cool steel arches.Columbus MonumentThe Columbus Monument “Monument a Colom” at the bottom of La Rambla, just before you reach the bay.
I always liked the middle bit with the angles more than the top which is Columbus himself…

barcelona beachsideThe beach in the evening! So very beautiful <3 a very nice area to hang out at.

Here are a few pictures of the city and the bay area. I just love that there are palm trees everywhere.

apartmentsApartment buildings look so much more friendly and colourful over there. Also, balconies are mandatory in a hot country like this. From the tour bus or monuments they are in plain view. Better live at the top!

Although there is a fair amount of broken buildings around, they still have an aesthetic charm (from Photography standpoint at least). There is quite a lot of colourful Graffiti throughout the city to marvel at.

Graffitti BuildingView of some broken areas from the tourist bus.
Graffitti BuildingBack to La Rambla. Obviously a very busy street with a lot to see! Overflowing with tourists in the summer season and lots of Junk being sold.


Marilyn Monroe Erotic MuseumMarilyn chillin’ on the balcony?!?

Yes, that’s right, in the middle of La Rambla Marilyn Monroe is advertising the “Erotic Museum” by flirting with people down on the street. She seemed very sweet herself, but the tiny Museum wasn’t all too exciting (actually, some pictures in there were rather disturbing). But hey, advertising ~ it works! ;D

Marilyn Monroe Yoohoo, boys!!

At last, but not least a few more findings on La Rambla. Of course there is that magnificent market that sells all sorts of edible goodies. From fresh fruits, fruit drinks, dried fruit to nuts, spices, fish and meat (that area of the market is progressively getting smellier)… But the colours at the entrance are amazing <3
The amount of people can be overwhelming though ~

Oh glory! All them noms!! <3 Displayed in technicolour:

Nuts and fruits
And with these mouth watering pictures I’ll leave you for today.
Hope you enjoyed the first part of my Photo Vacation. Check back for much much more high contrast catalonian goodness soon :)

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Barcelona – Part Uno

  1. O.o
    Just amazing!
    Colour overflow wooooosh!
    Never been there, maybe someday, but there are other places i’d like to visit first ^^
    Have a nice week stella*! <3

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