New York City and Central Park in the snow


Central Park
Christmas is drawing closer, so it is time for me to draft a few wintery posts accompanied with funky Jazz music :)
I am currently sorting out my hard discs and editing all the photos that are worthy of sharing.

This set of photos is from 2006, when I was working for a fashion company in New York.
One weekend it started snowing over night and it didn’t stop for for the rest of the day. I had never experienced New York in the snow, so it was very impressive.
That particular weekend I did not plan on going anywhere, but seeing the whole city covered in snow made me wanna go to Central Park to make some pictures.

EsseX HousePerfect vision!
Central Park tree
Ducks in Central Park
Ducks in Central ParkDucks in Central Park
Central Park TreesbirdKeep warm, birdy!
Atlas Statue

Statue of Atlas

I remember the abundance of snow making it very difficult and slow getting to the park. When I got back home after a few hours I was drenched, freezing and in need of a hot shower :D
I did get a lot of photos out of my trip, so it was all worth it.

Here are a few pictures of the streets:

NY sidewalkPlants had to be uncovered.
NewYork BenchesBenches rendered unusable.
Traffic LightMessy road situations.

The following week people still had trouble getting anywhere, because street cleaning services were struggling to keep up with the snow. And as soon as it stopped snowing, there were large puddles of mud everywhere; people couldn’t get to work without getting their feet and trousers wet :P Look here:

NY sidewalkCleaners trying to get the amounts of snow and traffic under control.
muddy cityAn abundance of mud on the streets.
crosswalkCrossing the streets was difficult! People had to queue up in order to get to the other side.
mudLarge and deep puddles of mud everywhere ^^

Hope you enjoyed my throwback post! Have a nice week! :)

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