Hyper Japan 2014


scaring everybody near the entrance ;D

Hello everyone! This creature is literally the first thing you see when you enter the Hyper Japan convention in Earls Court :D Let this image set the mood for this entry…

The convention took place from July 25th to July 27th. a whole weekend to geek out on anything japanese culture and entertainment has to offer. It was my first time attending this con and I also had my own table in the Fringe Market! But more on that later.

People seemed to have had a good time there. I didn’t have much time browsing around unfortunately, because I was busy at my stall. If there were any cosplayers, I didn’t have any chance to get pictures. The only opportunity for a break was midday on Saturday, when all visitors had to leave the hall and the exhibitors had time to get something to eat. I used that opportunity to browse the whole convention hall and make as many pictures as possible. And voila! That means I have just enough material for a blog entry! :)

Here are my findings:

fly people

fly people with style!

nintendo wii

People playing the Wii on the big screen

tofu cute

tofu cute – sweets and other sweet stuff

japanese snacks

japanese snacks galore

cute wallets

a stall selling a lot of cute wallets


ooh, hello kimono!

delicious engrish

delicious engrish!! what do you want?!?

Aah, yeah, and then there was the Fringe Market for people to exhibit and sell their own creations.
The tables here were unfortunately extremely tiny (and yet quite expensive)!! So I had to leave my gorgeous display stand at home and downsize bigtime. But with a bit of tinkering I managed to display everything on a very tiny scale. (It was very hard staying visible behind all of this ;) )


This was my table for the first two days. But on Sunday the person who bought the table next to me decided he wouldn’t come in for that day because he already sold most of his merchandise. So he allowed me to use his table as well :) so nice, thank you very much!!


expand plexus starplexus


Hyper Japan Stella

hellow! :3

Somebody kindly took my picture at the end of Sunday ^__^
All in all, this weekend was very successful for me. Many people told me that they like my artwork, which always makes me very happy. I hope everybody enjoys whatever they purchased from me, thank you all so much <3
More curious stuff from my one hour of break time:

Ooh, and these Kokeshi dolls of course!

These are traditional hand crafted wooden dolls, originally made during the middle of the Edo period (1600–1868)
I just wanted to use this opportunity to show that these dolls were the inspiration for my artwork on the right (Assassin Geisha), because many people don’t know what these dolls are:

Random trivia from Wikipedia: The Mii avatars (from Nintendo’s Wii console) are also based on Kokeshi doll design. Neat!

A huge stall  selling expensive Bonsai trees :)


And of course, plenty of noms:

After my photo session I decided to finally get something warm to eat. I have seen these “Tai Yaki” (literally baked sea bream) in plenty of Manga and Anime, but never actually ate one! Now was my chance. Those cakes in fish design are made of waffle batter and most commonly filled with red bean paste made from sweetened azuki beans. It tasted alright, although I wasn’t expecting much from red bean paste to begin with; now I finally know what these fish waffles taste like :)

Ooh, and that guy’s fish hat is everything!! :D

Aaaand that was Hyper Japan Weekend! There were a lot of people attending and definitely a lot of interesting things to see. I would definitely exhibit there again, if I have a chance! Thank you all who visited my stand and/or bought some artwork from me; and thank YOU for reading my blog :)


exhibitor pass

Have a great weekend!

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One thought on “Hyper Japan 2014

  1. Tai yaki me wants, too! So yummy yummy!
    Good to hear you enjoyed hyper Japan weekend! Love your artwork!
    <3 love & peace aaaaaand fuuuuuuuuh!

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