London Film & Comic Con 2014


Cosplayers in front of Earls Court 2

A couple of weeks ago the very much anticipated London Film & Comic Con took place.
This time around it was even more busy than usual, because Comic Legend Stan Lee attended, making it allegedly his very last visit to Europe! The crowd that came to see him was incredible! I read comments from so many people that they werre queuing up all day in the heat without ultimately getting inside :( sadface. What do we learn from this?

Always book your tickets beforehand. ESPECIALLY when incredibly famous Celebrities are attending.


Cosplayers waiting outside

Fortunately, we could go in and out Earls Court 2 without any problems anytime, because I was exhibiting my artwork again :) We even saw Stan Lee from a distance, talking on stage :)

Later on I read from people that Showmasters were working the poor man too hard and he couldn’t keep up with all the autographs and photoshoots they had him signed up for :( A lot of people didn’t get their opportunity to meet him, but nobody was ever blaming Stan Lee for this. He is, after all, 91 years old and the convention should definitely have looked after his well being better. I hope he survived this very stressful weekend alright~

Unfortunately I didn’t have too much time this time around to browse the area and make pictrures of the amazing cosplayers :/ I was pretty much busy at my table at all times! Also, it was EXTREMELY hot and stuffy inside (until they finally figured out the air con) and the amount of people attending was INSANE!! (Stan Lee’s fanbase is huuuge, understandably) :D still, I had a really good time; thanks to all the people who stopped by for a chat or buy some of my merchandise. Thank you so much, guys! <3

Starplexus Table

My stall at the end of Sunday

Very happy that so many people enjoy my artwork <3

Anyways, on to more Cosplay:

magnificent malificent

Magnificent Malificent

magnificent malificent
She really brings elegance realness to all of her costumes <3 glad I could get a photo of her in this amazing getup :)
I give props to all the people who made an effort dressing up, because the weather was hotHOThot!! Now that’s dedication!!


deadpool & friends

deadpool & friends

I always enjoy a good Deadpool Cosplay that’s in character as well ^___^

At the entrance some Game Of Thrones Promo. They keep on saying that Winter is coming, so will it finally be time for them dragons to make an appearance?? :p

deadpool & friends skelleton

winter is coming…

Well, that’s all the good photos I could get this time, I hope you enjoyed my little article :) And thank you all again, who stopped by my table. See you at Winter London Film & Comic Con in October!


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