Profile Series : Stella

Stella, alias Starplexus, is an inspiring graphic designer and illustrator based in London. We have recently met  her through the last edition of our artistic Sundays at Paradise by way of Kensal Green where she exhibited some of her interesting artwork. She draws and designs manga and anime-like sceneries and characters. Let’s enter her fascinating world…

 star plexus stella exhigoneCan you give us a bit of background: where are you from, have you been living in London for long?

I am a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Austria and have been living in London for almost five years.

How did you start being an artist?

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. When I was 14 years old and started using the Internet I came across artists who posted their works and portfolios online. Many of them were using digital media like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; I was fascinated by the great quality of the artwork they produced. That was the time when I made the decision of building my own website to display my art and character designs.

How do you get your inspiration? What is your favorite type of work and why?

My biggest inspirations are everyday life, emotions and music. Music is equally important to me as art; it is my driving force and I need it every day.  Although I do a lot of my artwork in digital programs like Photoshop, my favorite medium to work in are coloured pencils and acrylic paint. I love traditional mediums most, because no digital program replaces the feeling of paper, pencils and ink under your fingertips. For me indulging in colouring and blending colours is a meditative process.

What does being creative mean to you? How do you feel when you are being creative?

Being creative means everything for me, because that is the time I am most happy. It is as important to me as the air I breathe. My artwork is my outlet of my emotions.

What are you trying to communicate with your art?

My biggest dream is having my artwork reach and inspire as many people as possible. I want to draw an emotional response from anyone who views my artwork. Some pieces are created in order to make the viewer feel good or entertain; other pieces are meant to make the viewer think and come up with their own interpretations. I don’t like explaining my artwork too much, because I think art can mean different things to different people and they should draw their own conclusions from it. That is the beauty of it.
starplexus stella exhigone

What is your favorite art work that you have ever done and why?

My favorite piece is almost always the most recent artwork I created, because it represents the state of mind I am currently in the most.

Do you have a dream project?

My dream project is to expand my brand “Starplexus” and sell my artwork on prints, posters and merchandise. I like the idea of selling artwork “you can use”; that means not only having a great poster on your wall, but being able to carry it around
on a messenger bag, on fashion or jewellery. Having my own shop to sell my artwork would be a big dream of mine.
I also would love to collaborate with other artists, musicians and film makers on projects; It is always more enjoyable being able to work with other creative people. I would love to do more CD covers and videos and be involve with the entertainment industry.

What are you working on at the moment and do you know what you will be doing next?

Right now I am preparing for exhibitions at conventions that take place this summer. I will have my own stall at the “London Anime Con”, the “London Film and Comic Con” and “Hyper Japan”. I love being at conventions, they are always great fun and you get to see and talk to people in amazing costumes. Also it gives me the opportunity to talk and reach out and talk to people personally.
Apart from my own projects, I am always looking for Illustration and Graphic Design work for other people.
Currently I am looking for an Agency or Rep to represent me.
starplexus stella exhigone

Do you have an icon, idol, a person that you look up to and inspire you?

I don’t really have an idol, but I am very fond of japanese Manga Artist Rumiko Takahashi. She is amazing. Her stories, funny or dramatic are always very clever and her characters are one of a kind. She has inspired me like no other Comic or Manga artist could and made me to work hard on creating my own characters and story lines.

Who is your favorite artist and why?

Oooh, may I pick a few? Salvador Dali for his integrate surreal dream imagery and ideas. Also, he was a very intriguing Person, I think. Alfons Mucha for his beautiful decorative Art Nouveau images. Jean Michael Basquiat for his very bold and unusual style. His artwork leaves a lot up to interpretation. Andy Warhol, because he turned the artworld upside down and proved that everything around us is art. Bansky for his really clever street art and social commentary. When it comes to photography, I really like the surrealist works of David Lachapelle and Tim Walker.
Thanks a lot Stella for taking the time to answer our questions!
If you want to have a look at Stella’s work and discover more visit

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