Chakra Circuit ~ progress

Chakra Circuit~ Chakra Circuit ~ spiritual energy synchronization
Coloured pencils, fineliner, marker, metallic silver pen 50 x 40 cm

My favourite work of art at the moment :) Drawn for the Exhigone Art Show I attended a few weeks back.

This is an meditation piece, transferring uplifting colourful vibrations. I am happy that so many people seem to like it.
Always enjoy working with traditional media, especially coloured pencils. Did some research as well; all the colours are arranged according to the colors of the chakras.

Chakra Circuit is part of the spiritual series. Click here to see the first meditation piece ZEN

I hope this work of art will brighten your day <3
Working on making prints of this.

Work in progress slideshow. Some photos are a bit dark, because many were taken at night, with less favorable lighting conditions. (It took me a long time scanning the finished artwork in and adjusting the colours)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A real photo of the finished artwork:

chacra circuit
If you are interested in meditation and chakras, here is some further reading for you. I recommend meditation and opening chakras to everyone, so give it a try :)

Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Chakra Circuit ~ progress

  1. I absolutely love this, the colours are so vivid! I used to attend meditation classes when I lived in Canada and went to a couple in London. I need to incorporate it in my life again, this is a nice reminder.

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