Exhigone 6 Art Show


exhigone flyer

the flyer of the event with all the artist’s names

 Last Weekend I attended and exhibited at the Exhigone Art Show, in Kensal Green. It took place in a really lovely pub called the Paradise. Plenty of artists exhibited their artwork and really good live music was playing as well. You should check them all out, I’m serious —> http://exhigone.com/tag/exhigone-6

stella exhigone art showMe and my contribution to the art show. There wasn’t much space in the corridor, so it was hard to take a decent picture.
(photo made by the Exhigone photographer, thank you very much!! :) )

Here is my artwork: traditional media (coloured pencils, fineliner, markers)

chacra circuit

chakra circuit

sky above, earth below

sky above, earth below

Check out the eyecandy by other artists:




Check out the Paradise: an old building with random christian imagery. Also, lot’s of alcohol

the paradise

the paradise – bar under glass roof

The other bar! With an illuminated cross in the middle:

The very Victorian interior design:

Aaaanyways, on to the live music acts! There were all very good and I wish I could have seen them all.
But I was busy talking to other artists in between.

So here are a few pictures of performers:

the spectreThe Spectre! I enjoyed his set very much. Good rapping and also very entertaining. I even got a CD from him after the show :3 Need to check it out later. https://www.facebook.com/TheSpectreWorld

the spectre CD

Shelly Ravid

 Shelly Ravid and band. This girl’s voice is incredible! Beautiful Reggae / Ska music. Thumbs up to her band as well, they did a great job. (sorry I didn’t catch the drummer… :(  )


Shelly RavidThe bass player was very much into it ;)

Retrospective For Love

 Retrospective For Love. Also, very nice voice.


Retrospective For Love
Again, go check out all the artists. There should be an update of the show on Exhigone’s homepage soon, so I suggest you keep an eye on that :)

Some randomness at last:

bathroom mirrorThe bathroom mirror in the Ladies toilet! How freaky is that?!? :D

And finally, a “Live Art Area”. I personally never saw anybody sitting there creating art…

live art area
It was an enjoyable event and I would definitely take part again if possible!
You should have a look out for the next event, especially the music was great.

Have a great week :)

Further reading: http://exhigone.com/tag/exhigone-6

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