London Anime and Gaming Con, February 2014

A few weeks ago, I attended the London Anime and Gaming Con (8-9th of February 2014) at Holloway Road, London and had a table in the Artist’s Alley.
This time around it was a lot more hectic than usually, because the Artists were located downstairs, we had less time to set everything up and less space as well. Saturday was especially busy, so unfortunately this time around I did not have near enough time to browse around and make photos of the amazing cosplayers.
So here is my mini-entry:
London anime con upstairs
Saturday was craaazy!!! So many Anime and Gaming fans attended, it was hard seeing through the masses of people or make pictures! There were bigger Stalls upstairs this time around and even more rooms for gamers to show off their skills.downstairs stage
People chilling downstairs, getting food or drinks and watching singers and cosplayers on stage. It was packed everywhere.starplexus LACMy stall in the Artist Alley downstairs on Sunday. Visibly tired but happy. It was a good weekend :)
CosplaySome cosplayers stopping by the Artist Alley

inuyasha cosplay
Inuyasha and Miroku cosplay!! :D you don’t get to see this all to often anymore, so this made me very happy :)World of Warcraft CosplayAn excellent World of Warcraft Costume!! :

live singingSingers showing off their skills on stage downstairs.


And now for something completely random:
Because it was a Convention all things Japan, somebody advertising authentic “japanes” food ;p

japanese food

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