London Winter 2010

I have multiple archives filled with photography, but not the time I need to sort them all out!
(Nor am I as organized as I would like to be, but I am consstantly working on that…) Also, I planned on updating my blog with a lot of Christmas photography, but towards the end of the year I always have so much work to do and I never finish everything on my to do list. But I try, I try!!

The purpose of this blog is (among other things) sorting out all my photography and share my favourites with you guys. Not only recent pictures, but also pictures I made years back. So this time, I worked on the winter photography I made back in 2010. Please enjoy!! All of the lights, all of the lights… and Merry Christmas to all of you!! :)

Regents Street, Oxford Street and other streets~

shopping street

shopping street

shopping street

shopping street


regentstreet decoration

Covent Garden! Every year the same, but every year very beautiful.

apple market, covent garden
apple market decoration

apple market decoration



busy london street

Lightbulbs <3 Carnaby Street, Ripley’s Museum, tea and CAKE!!



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