Need A Last Minute Christmas Gift?

Christmas eve is coming closer and you still couldn’t get all the presents you wanted?
Don’t know what to get your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband *or any other person of interest*?
Or do you need a little something to compliment the other presents?

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Presents don’t necessarily need to be of materialistic nature
(although Christmas is officially the season of materialism);

you very easily can make somebody happy by doing them a vavour or helping them out.

massage voucher

a voucher for you to print out and give to somebody :)

Got somebody who is working way too much and is in desperate need of vacation?
Plan a getaway, even if it is only for a weekend.

You have a friend who is complaining about body pains?
Get him a voucher for a massage session.

And because everybody appreciates a good massage, I made a couple of my own voucher designs.
If you like these, feel free to print these out and give them to your loved one!
Alternatively you can also send them by email or link the image.

In this blog post I have 3 different versions for your convenience.
Full Body Massage, Back Massage and a Massage with a Happy Ending
(if you have that kind of somebody you want to spice things up with ;) )

back massage voucher

You are welcome!! :)


Happy Ending Massage Voucher
Characters are mine, coloured in Adobe Photoshop.

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