‘Tis the season of materialism

season of materialism


‘Tis the season of materialism!
Spending money you don’t have.


What is this recession you speak of?
Spend! Buy! Consume! Everything is alright, KEEP SHOPPING!!! :p


Image was sketched on a plane and coloured in Photoshop.
A good reflection of what we get to see this time of the year.


Do you have all gifts for friends and family already?
Still trying to find the perfect present for a couple of people.


Nyaaah, don’t let the Christmas madness bring you down! Happy Holidays everybody!


shoppingspree Sketch


3 thoughts on “‘Tis the season of materialism

  1. I’m almost done shopping. One gift left to go, for my partner and I will get that this weekend. I’ve had to be on the ball to get out cards and gifts for family in Canada. However I don’t go overboard, I haven’t bought gifts for my immediate family in ages but I did this year. I had a budget and stuck to it and got some nice gifts. Also I have a new niece so I had to get her something. I will get to a point though where I buy absolutely no gifts…still working on it.

    • Well done, you seem to be finished Christmas shopping on time. It is always good to stick to a budget, with all these offers it is too easy to spend way too much money than necessary.

      I know a few people who don’t want to expose themselves to the Christmas-gift madness, (and right they are, fight the system!!) but on the other hand I always thought it is very nice getting gifts for my loved ones. I personally wouldn’t want to miss that :)

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