A day in Camden (part II)

Welcome back to the Camden experience! ;)
More photography this way:

horses stables

horses stables statues

The Camden Stables market. Lots of Horse statues surrounded by more stalls and shops.
Some of these shops are permanent, some stalls are hired by the day.

horses stables

horses statues

The Food court. Sit down, relax and enjoy your noms.
Note the blackboard in the background, some sort of bucket list for visitors.
Best comment (and most eye catching): “Before I die I want to meet Batman” :D Always dream big!

food court

food court with bucket list blackboard

Other wishes:
“Meet Bon Jovi”
“Marry Megan Fox”
“I want to make women’s wear collection”
something something “Atlanis”
“Make all my dreams come true!” :)

food court

food court

International food selection, coffee, smoothies and cupcaces.

Moving on, under the bridge. It is always very noisy here because food stalls are always trying to get your attention, handing out little probes of food on toothpicks. This can get a little scary sometimes, if you are just trying to make your way to the other side of the bridge.

food shops

chinese and indian food shops

The food is looking delicious, but it is more on the pricy side.

indian food shop

indian food shop

Look at these huge ass pans!! I wonder if they can really sell all this food by the end of the day?

asian food shop

asian food shop

Get your vitamin fix on!
This is a really cute stall, selling freshly pressed orange juice. There was quite a big demand for this when I visited. The stall is overflowing with plastic orange decorations.

fresh orange juice

fresh orange juice stall

The bottles stay refrigerated on these blocks of ice.
It was later in the day when I came across this, so most of the ice has already melted.

fresh orange juice

fresh orange juice on ice cubes

More shops!
Jewelry, farbic, fashion, clutter and other merchandise.

Camden stables market

Camden stables market shops

Camden stables market

Egyptian jewelry

Suddenly… a bootleg Hello Kitty shop!! <:O
Check out the cheapness!

bootleg hello kitty shop

bootleg hello kitty shop ^____^

Other things to find in Camden.
Slightly vandalized statues in the eating area D:>, people getting a fish pedicure (0___o;;) (these fish are indeed nicknamed nibble fish) a colourful vintage shop, stickers on a pole and shoes. Also a Vampire seducing you inside a shop for Halloween candy…

And at last, the buildings on the other side of Camden Station.
Hope you enjoyed my photo journal!

Have a great day :)

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