A day in Camden (part I)

Are you guys ready for a photo intense Camden post? :D

Camden Market

Camden Market! Stalls, stalls, stalls…

Back in October I went on a tour through the market and made some new photos for my travel log.
What you will see here are plenty of shop fronts, art, merchandise, stalls and food stands. There are a lot of pictures, so I am splitting this post into two entries.

When you exit the tube and walk down the road to Camden Lock, the first thing you notice are these funky shop fronts. Most stores here seem to sell shoes, as these sculptures are indicating.

winged shoe

winged shoe

shoe shop

big boot!

I really like the design of this Tattoo studio.
Evil from the Needle:

Evil from the Needle Tattoos

Evil from the Needle Tattoos

View of the nicely designed shops.
Only in Camden :)

Walking past plenty of shops that sell fashion, accessories and gifts, you arrive at Camden Lock.
On the right you find plenty of stalls that sell food, on the left you walk deeper into the jungle of stalls and shops:

Camden Lock

Camden Lock

Camden Lock

Camden Lock

The view from the bridge.
Willows and boats:

Regent's Canal

Regent’s Canal

Regent's Canal

Regent’s Canal

Get your fashion fix here: plenty of colourful shirts, skirts, etc.
If you want to pick up unique fashion designs, accessories and other trinkets that are not sold everywhere, this is the place to be! You also find plenty of people who sell their own merchandise and try to get their brand off the ground.

colourful fashion

colourful fashion

Vinyl Destination!
A shop selling everything made of Vinyls. Clocks, Artwork, etc.:


Merchandise made out of vinyls

This beautiful Lamp shop is always nice to see.  Luvin’ the Vibrant colours. <3
Wish I could buy one, but I wouldn’t have an ideal place for these either. Looks perfect for meditation.

lamps and lanters

Lantern shop

Mannequin with attitude. Spoooo~~ooky ;p (not really)
And baby jumpers as well!

Fashion design

ARRR!! I is dangerous mannequinnnn~

Convey your message with a beanie hat:
Swag / Obey / I *weedleaf” Kush / Wasthed Youth / etc. Very uplifting ^__^;;

beanie hats

hats with statements ;)

Inside a shop that sells merchandise from India. So colourful :)
I like it when people allow you taking pictures of the stuff they sell.

india shop

colourful India shop

Wooden turtle selling bargain bracelets:

lots of bracelets

Nice little elephant statues:

elephant statue

elephant statues

A stall selling vintage cameras!! :D
Blast from the past~

vintage cameras

vintage cameras

vintage cameras

vintage cameras

Ancient technology. :3

vintage cameras

vintage cameras

More pictures to come! Food court and more shops.
Stay tuned for part II !! :D

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