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shopping street

London Winter 2010

I have multiple archives filled with photography, but not the time I need to sort them all out! (Nor am I as organized as I would like to be, but I am consstantly working on that…) Also, I planned on updating my blog with a lot of Christmas photography, but towards the end of the…

massage voucher

Need A Last Minute Christmas Gift?

Christmas eve is coming closer and you still couldn’t get all the presents you wanted? Don’t know what to get your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband *or any other person of interest*? Or do you need a little something to compliment the other presents? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Presents don’t necessarily need to be of…

season of materialism

‘Tis the season of materialism

  ‘Tis the season of materialism! Spending money you don’t have.   What is this recession you speak of? Spend! Buy! Consume! Everything is alright, KEEP SHOPPING!!! :p   Image was sketched on a plane and coloured in Photoshop. A good reflection of what we get to see this time of the year.   Do…

food court statues

A day in Camden (part II)

Welcome back to the Camden experience! ;) More photography this way: The Camden Stables market. Lots of Horse statues surrounded by more stalls and shops. Some of these shops are permanent, some stalls are hired by the day. The Food court. Sit down, relax and enjoy your noms. Note the blackboard in the background, some…

shoe shops

A day in Camden (part I)

Are you guys ready for a photo intense Camden post? :D Back in October I went on a tour through the market and made some new photos for my travel log. What you will see here are plenty of shop fronts, art, merchandise, stalls and food stands. There are a lot of pictures, so I…