Winter Wonderland Hyde Park

Photo heavy winter post!! Let’s go!

Christmas Market Hyde Park


I happened to be near Hyde Park yesterday to catch up with a friend and see a movie. Just in time to visit the Christmas Market afterwards! It opened just yesterday. You are be able to check it out from the 22nd of November to the 5th of January 2014 (but they are closed on Christmas day. Ironic, yet understandable)
Open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.

This is supposed to be made after the template of the traditional german Christmas markets. Very famous and therefore a copy available in London. Personally I haven’t been to a Christmas Market in Germany, but I’ve been to plenty of “Christkindl Markets” in Austria (they are quite similar I guess).

Alpen Hotel

Fun House

What makes this one different from the usual Christmas Market formula, is the amount of rides and attractions they have here. It is more of a mini theme park spliced with food stalls and stalls that sell Christmas themed merchandise. The Christmas markets I know hardly have any attractions (maybe a big wheel in bigger parks or small rides mainly for children) Also, it must be very cold on these fast rides, it is almost winter after all!

It was very nice to see and there are indeed many rides with german writings on them and plenty of traditional german food and drinks. I think most stuff and attractions are more on the pricy side, but if it is in any way like in Austria, I know that stall prices are very expensive. For whatever reason I didn’t really see prices listed anywhere (by design I guess…) So save up if you plan on having a good time!

And now, THE NOMS:


So . Much . Candy !!


Diabetes on a platter…


there are plenty of these grills around, so fancy <3

More food and lots of prices to be won.
Minion overdose!!

Last, but no least a look at Piccadilly Circus.
This year’s Christmas decoration is a huge snow globe! With an Angel inside?
I wish the snow was flying around in there (you know, like a real snow globe??) but hey.
The Decorations on the shopping streets used to be so much more impressive years ago.

snow globe

snow globe Piccadilly Circus

Have an awesome weekend :)

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