Blueberry Mixfrenzy ~ progress

A closer look on one of my favourite digital paintings. All made in Adobe Photoshop (and just a tiny bit of Adobe Illustrator).
People have told me they can appreciate artwork more if they can see the progress of the pieces. Where did you start out and how did you get your final version. And I agree! That’s the reason why I started taking pictures of my work progress and include it in my online portfolio as well.

Blueberry Mixfrenzy is celebrating electronic music and nightlife :) You probably have already noticed that this is a recurring theme in my artwork. I can’t help it, music and art always have are co-dependent. One can’t without the other, and I can’t without either of them <3 audiovisual life fuel.

first of all, the finished image:

Blueberry Mixfrenzy FINAL

completed image <3


Here, have a Slideshow! This shows you the steps from the starting sketch to the final image.
I am particularly proud of this piece because I did not ink and scan the outlines. The sketch was my only guideline:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Actually this is a reworked image of a T-shirt design I made in 2009 for a contest. (You can see the original Image at the bottom of this post) I did not win, so I made the shirt available in my shop instead. Everybody seems to love it and that makes me very happy :) I wanted to give the image more depth, detail and make a really immaculate digital painting (first proper try as well). Also: yummy colours <3

Original Design:

Disco Shiva – 2009 made for a T shirt competition. Adobe Illustrator.

disco shiva

disco shiva

You can purchase the T shirt (and more) here: tshirt

You can also have a look in my online shop for other goods:

shiva bagmessenger shiva bag

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