Winter London Film & Comic Con 2013 – Artwork, Cosplay, Celebs!

In this picture intense post you will find:

1) Area Shots of the Con                 2) My stall in the Artist Alley
3) Lots of Cosplay pictures             4) Pictures of attending Celebrities
5) Merchandise & Artist Alley          6) Links

alright, let’s go!

overview of LFCC

overview of LFCC

Last weekend we attended the Winter London Film and Comic Con <3 (Oct 5-6)
As usual it was very enjoyable experience. Lots of Celebrities, Cosplayers, Talks and Merchandise. AKA nerd heaven!

Nik came with me to support me again. We set up my stall in the small press area on Friday evening and the rest on  Saturday morning. That meant getting up early (6 AM) to make our way down to Baron’s Court. While setting up the stall we tried to wake up completely by the time the doors open (9 AM). Make space for them eager visitors and cosplayers.

starplexus stall

my awesome stall!

Always happy when we finally finish setting everything up. But the hard work pays off because my stall really is kickass <3. The metal frame, which makes this rather big stand possible is courtesy of Nik, who custom made it for me. All you people wishing to have a frame like this for your stall, write me a message. You might be able to commission the man to build you your own ^_____^ (there’s always a lot of people marveling at my stand, especially in the artist alley.)


Of course, it wouldn’t be a successful con without a lot of costumes!
I didn’t have a lot of time to browse the area, but when I did, I made sure to make as many pictures as possible.
Look at all these amazing Cosplayers <3

Of course there were plenty of Celebrities attending the event.
You could get them to sign autographs for you and some were even available to pose in photo shoots with you (in exchange for the moneys, of course…)

Well, here are a few pictures I gathered from Stars signing pictures or giving interviews:
Many Cast members from Dr. Who were present. This show will forever be popular :3

What else can you find at conventions?
Lots of merchandise and goods and artwork for every fan. Here are a few artists that were with me in the Artist Alley and random pictures of merchandise stalls. make sure you have enough money, when you attend a con like this!

After such an amazing weekend it is time for the obligatory ♫♫♫ after-con-bluuuueeeeesssss ♫♫♫

Unfortunately these Conventions don’t take place all too often (at least in London). Although this year we were blessed with 2 events <3 They are so much fun and the people are always a delight to meet.

I wish I could exhibit and sell at more Conventions in England, but i can not afford attending one outside London (because travel costs and Bed & Breakfast would cost more money than I would be able to make) SADFACE!! :( someone invite me to some Convention instead please! I also always wanted to exhibit at Conventions in America. That must be amazing!!
one day… one day it will all come true~

Here is one last photo I made Saturday evening when I left. nice colours <3

saturday evening

Saturday evening


facebook fan groups (for more cosplay photos):

I hope you enjoyed my coverage of the Winter London Film and Comic Con!
((We need more Conventions!!! >.<;; )) Hopefully I’ll see you at a future event :)

Have a good weekend!

stellagraphix (AT)

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