London Film and Comic Con – Summer 2013

always good to see some kickass costumes :)

always good to see some kickass costumes :)

You know, next Weekend the Winter Film and Comic Con takes place again in Earls Court, London :)
I will be there again, in the small press area. I am already looking forward to it :D

I am using this opportunity to upload some pictures from the last convention. (5th – 7th of July)

Dealer wristband which also was our ticket inside. And a picture of my stall in the Small Press Area :)
A big thank you to Nik who always helps me at these Conventions and built me the frame for my stand! I wouldn’t have space to display all my stuff otherwise… It does take us quite some time to build it up and it is always very stressful finishing up before the first visitors are let inside the hall, but the end result is worth it :)

Always amazing to see how many fans come together for this event. Makes it very hard navigating around inside the building! But the atmosphere is great and everybody is really nice :) We had really nice weather that weekend, so that was a plus! :D

Anyways, COSTUMES!!

Unfortunately I couldn’t take too many pictures, because I was standing behind my stall all day, every day. But whenever I did have a chance to step out, I took my camera with me. Hopefully I will have better pictures from the next con!!

Some lulz for the end:

I love statements on T-shirts :D
In the end it was a very successful and entertaining convention.
I met lots of people and had interesting conversations. Only drawback is having to get up REALLY EARLY in the morning >.<;; but i wish there were more conventions in London (to a affordable price) If you are around next Weekend, definitely check it out!!

picture in the bathroom mirror ~

picture in the bathroom mirror ~

I have a bit to prepare for next weekend. But that is for my next blog entry :3

Have a great weekend!

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